Variety Games, Inc.

Instant Self-Help

For Crossword Weaver® and 1-2-3 Word Search Maker

1. Lookup Tool for Lost License Numbers and Unlock Codes

This tool is only for use by existing customers of Variety Games, Inc., who have paid a fee and fairly purchased a license to use at least one of the following software programs:

Please type your email address here.

If your email address is this online database, you will receive your unlock code(s) at that email address within a few minutes.



2. Other Common Questions

How to move the program(s) to a new computer:

On the new computer, go the the product websites and download a copy of the demo. Install the demo on the new computer. Depending on when you purchased, you might be getting an updated version of the software. Then use your licensing information (licensee name and unlock code) to convert the demo into the full program. (The product websites are and

To move your crossword puzzles, copy all files ending in ".cww".

To move your word search puzzles, copy all files ending in ".ws".